Up-Skill at COP28 EU Side Event

Up-Skill and Bridges 5.0 took part in the HaDEA COP28 event "Empowering a Human-Centric Industry for the Twin Transitions".

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The session started with the Up-Skill project video followed by presentations that showcased European projects that are propelling the dual transitions of environmental sustainability and digital advancement and highlighting the critical significance of skills in effectively addressing contemporary challenges within this context.

Industry 5.0 presents a visionary concept for 21st-century Europe, advocating for a resilient, sustainable, and people-centred approach that offers advantages not only to industries and workers but to society as a whole. It empowers workers by acknowledging and addressing their evolving skill sets and training requirements. Additionally, it enhances industry competitiveness, attracts top talent, and champions circular production models and resource-efficient technologies.

The fusion of digitalisation and innovative managerial strategies stands as a crucial element in this paradigm shift. The proposed actions, outlined within the industry segment of the H2020 and Horizon Europe programmes, aim to tackle fundamental components essential for transitioning toward human-centric industries. These encompass skills development, the establishment of learning platforms, teaching factories, customisation of manufacturing processes, integration of artificial intelligence, and the fostering of enhanced collaboration between humans and robots.

The event served as an advancement towards establishing a system that prioritises fundamental human needs and interests at the core of industrial evolution.

A full recording of the event is available on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-C5Zgatcge0

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