Up-Skill Events

Events related to Industry 4.0 and 5.0 technologies

22nd – 23rd November 2023
Event dates: San Sebastian, Spain
Organizer: Gobierno Vasco

The aim of the summit is to reflect, together with speakers of the highest level, on the influence of the latest technological developments in training, employment, economy, and society, focusing on three main axes:

Axis 1: intelligent technologies, which will focus, among other topics, on the most recent developments in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, quantum computing, intelligent systems or the robotics revolution combined with the above.

Axis 2: life and technology, which will focus on the influence of future technology on our lives: smart cities, new organizational concepts, health, etc.

Axis 3: the human being in the face of the advance of technology, focusing on human values in the face of the influence of technologies that will be developed in the future.

Cambridge, UK
Event dates: 29th November 2023
Organizer: TWI

This in-person event is being held at our head office near Cambridge, UK, offering insights and information on the growing digital manufacturing industry.

Digital manufacturing is a fast-moving environment with developments in artificial intelligence, automation, big data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, robotics, smart systems, and virtualisation all playing a role. 

Find out about the latest developments and discussions around digital manufacturing at our Digital Manufacturing Conference this November. The event will be focused on digital manufacturing, with discussions from a range of companies and demonstrations.

Innsbruck, Austria
Event dates: 7th – 9th February 2024
Organizer: IFSA

The ARCI 2024 conference will cover research and development in a broad range of fields such as automation, robotics, communication and data analyses, all united by the Industry 5.0 challenges. However, it will be not a conference only about the future concepts and new visions. It will be also to discuss how to adopt the current R&D results for Industry 4.0 and to customize products under the conditions of highly flexible mass production.

Frankfurt, Germany
Event dates: 21st – 22nd March 2024
Organizer: World Class Business Leaders

Through a mix of case-study presentations, interactive roundtable discussions, Q&A sessions and hands-on workshops, you will gain inspiring perspectives. The multi-stream format allows you to move freely between the sessions. Create your own personal agenda from the case studies and interactive round tables. If you can't participate in the conference onsite, you have the possibility to get the insights of the decision-makers via live streaming.

Barcelona, Span
Event dates: 21st – 23rd May 2024
Organizer: Fira, Barcelona

As we enter a new era of innovation and disruption, it’s more important than ever to be agile, collaborative, and game-changing. That’s why the IOT Solutions World Congress brings together the industry’s top minds and emerging technologies to help you build a roadmap to navigate the opportunities and risks ahead.

Bath, UK
Event dates: 25th – 28th June 2024
Organizer: EURAM

The European Academy of Management is a learned society founded in 2001. It aims at advancing the academic discipline of management in Europe. With members from 60 countries in Europe and beyond, EURAM has a high degree of diversity and provides its members with opportunities to enrich debates over a variety of research management themes and traditions.