Up-Skill Deliverables

Public deliverables from the Up-Skill project

Periodic assessment reports called "deliverables" need to be submitted to the European Commission in order for the progress of the project to be evaluated.

On this page, you can find information about the public deliverables for the Up-Skill project and their expected publication date. The documents on this page may be subject to change following review by the European Commission.

Deliverable Number: D7.1

Data Management Plan

The Data Management Plan will define how all of the data related to and generated by the Up-Skill project is stored and managed. This includes defining the types of data/research outputs, their findability, accessibility, interoperability, reusability and curation and storage/preservation.

Due date:


Deliverable Number: D6.2

Project Video 1

The production of the first Up-Skill video will introduce the rationale behind the project, it´s methods and objectives, and provide an overview of the concepts and debates relating to the introduction of Industry 4.0 technologies in the workplace.

Due date:



Deliverable Number: D6.4 and D6.5 – PDEC

Plan for the Dissemination, Exploitation & Communication Activities

The dissemination and communication plan will cover all activities within the Up-Skill project related to identifying and organising actions to promote the commercial exploitation of the project’s results and achieve a wide dissemination of knowledge about the project. It will consider the communication needs, objectives and goals, target audiences, key messages, sources, communication channels, barriers, action plans and results evaluation. In addition, a dissemination tool kit with templates and materials for dissemination and communication is provided.

Due date:



Deliverable Number: D4.1

Training requirements report

This report will detail the digital outcomes of the case studies, whereby the implementation of digital technologies and the necessary training requirements are assessed.

Due date:


Deliverable Number: D4.4

Future skills training content

Each of the case studies will assess how existing skilled roles are being, and might further be, augmented by technology. The research will identify the new skills that existing craft workers will need to take on in order to survive in the emerging digitalised workplace. Thus, unlike typical skills-mapping exercises, our skills-mapping will focus on ‘role survival’ and ‘role re-distribution’, rather than identifying the skills required for newly emerging roles.

Due date:


Deliverable Number: D6.3

Project Video 2

The second Up-Skill video will provide a detailed explanation of the work and research completed, the results achieved and their implications upon our understanding of human-machine relations in the workplace.

Due date: