Bridging Risks to an Inclusive Digital and Green Future by Enhancing Workforce Skills for Industry 5.0

The Horizon Europe BRIDGES 5.0 Project, alongside Up-Skill, is a project managed by the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HADEA), related to the development of workforce skills for industry.

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The project began on January 1st 2023 and is working towards an inclusive digital and green future by enhancing workforce skills for Industry 5.0. To achieve this aim, and for the success of Industry 5.0, stakeholder commitment is crucial, and BRIDGES 5.0 creates a unique consortium collaboration between researchers, 8 EU-industrial companies, 9 Industry 4.0 ecosystems and the main EU social partners.

The four key objectives central to the project are:

  1. Quantitatively mapping how jobs are transforming, what new green and digital jobs are emerging in Industry 4.0, and qualitatively understand Industry 5.0 requirements;
  2. Mapping Industry 5.0 skills and skill gaps at EU-level, and five EU-institutional contexts for emerging green and digital jobs;
  3. Setting up learning trajectories and training pathways;
  4. Engaging a range of industry and related stakeholders at regional, national and EU levels, co-producing a web platform called Industry 5.0 Platform.

What the project´s outcomes will help ensure is that companies have access to skilled workers who can optimise the gains from digital technology and who have the skills adapted to deal with the digital and green transition to a sustainable, resilient and fairer future for Europe.

The Up-Skill and BRIDGES 5.0 projects will both contribute to a greater understanding of how digital technologies can be best implemented, the skills needed to manage them, and their implications to industry and manufacturing, the workforce, society and the planet.

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